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Safety rules for Guests staying at Holland House Residence


Safety rules for Guests staying at Holland House Residence

During the threat of the coronavirus epidemic, the rules for the safe provision of hotel services at Holland House Residence have been increased.

            In order to ensure a safe stay for guests and minimise the risk of spreading the coronavirus, Holland House Residence has introduces preventive measures to improve the health and safety protection of hotel Guests and facility employees.

            Additional rules of stay have been set.

            The safety rules form an integral part of the contract, which is agreed upon by signing the Guest Registration Card, as well as by taking conclusive actions, in particular by making a reservation and / or paying the deposit or the entire amount due for staying in the Hotel.

            By performing the above-mentioned activities, the Guest confirms that he has read and accepts the conditions of stay, called the Regulations.

            Safety rules are available for inspection at the Holland House Residence Reception and for download from www.hotelhollandhouse.com

            All persons staying at Holland House Residence are obliged to comply with the additional safety rules.


  1. General principles
    1. There is an absolute ban on visits from people that are not registered as Guests of Holland House Residence.
    2. Front desk in taking care of all our Guests (internal phone number 100)
    3. Hotel employees perform their duties and activities carried out with the Guest in protective masks or face shields covering the nose and mouth area and in protective gloves.
    4. The hotel observes the require social distancing rules (minimum 2 meters).
    5. Protective masks can be purchased at the reception.
    6. In the toilets there are dispensers with microbiological soap and disinfecting hand gel along with instructions for:
      – proper handwashing
      – putting on and taking off gloves,
      putting on and removing the mask.
  1. Sanitary regime of publicly available Hotel spaces
    1. During the threat of an outbreak of the coronavirus the frequency of cleaning common, public areas in the Hotel has been increased.
    2. We monitor daily cleaning works, with particular regard to common areas and guest rooms
    3. Surfaces that are often touched are frequently disinfected – handrails, door handles, light switches, handles, chair handrails and tabletops, and other surfaces frequently touched, as well as floors.
    4. Ongoing disinfection:
      – bathrooms & toilets
      – lift
      – staircase handrails
      – hotel lobby
      – hotel restaurant and breakfast room
    5. Disinfectant and soap dispensers are being refilled on a regular basis.
  1. Cleaning of hotel rooms.
    1. During your stay, the cleaning of rooms has been limited, and only takes place exclusively at the Guest’s explicit request and in his absence.
    2. Cleaning of the hotel room with disinfection of all touched surfaces, as well as thorough ventilation of the room, takes place after the guest leaves the room and checks out.
    3. If you leave the room, please air it as frequently as possible.
  1. Restaurant.
    1. The hotel restaurant and bar operate under a sanitary regime.
    2. The hotel restaurant is open from 9 am to 10 pm.
    3. Breakfasts are served from 8 to 11am.
    4. There is no buffet only served breakfast.
    5. For take out breakfast please contact the front desk.
  1. Limitation of service provision in the Hotel
    1. The services we normally provide have been limited, including:
      – luggage storage and help with luggage
      – laundry service as well as ironing facilities
    2. We also have a ban on hotel hot air dryers.
  1. Others:
    1. Time spent at the reception desk should be kept to a minimum. During check-in, Guests must maintain an adequate distance (the safety zone is marked by lines placed on the floor) and they are asked to cover their mouth and nose with a mask or a scarf. This is for the safety of Guests as well as staff. The maximum number of people who can enter the check-in area is 2.
    2. The registration procedure includes the mandatory submission of a health declaration. Failure to complete the declaration may result in the inability to provide accommodation.
    3. To contact the receptionist use the following phone no +48 58 325 77 77 or internal phone number 100
    4. Guests are forbidden from receiving visitors in any part of the Hotel.
  1. Caution:
    1. In the event of any distressing symptoms or occurrences, please contact the reception staff immediately.
    2. W recepcji dostępny jest bezdotykowy termometr przeznaczony do mierzenia temperatury ciała Gościa.
    3. A contactless thermometer for measuring body temperature is available at the reception.
    4. The reception employees have all the necessary telephone numbers to the Health & Safety Department, epidemiological response teams and medical services in case of emergency
    5. In order to temporarily quarantine a suspected sick person the Hotel has appointed and prepared a room with personal protective equipment as well as disinfectant.
    6. In this designated room, isolated from other people, the Guest will wait for transport.
    7. If there are clear signs of illness, such as a persistent cough, high fever, difficulty breathing etc. the Guest will not be allowed into the Hotel.
    8. A Guest with symptoms of the disease is obliged to report to the nearest Health & Safety Department as soon as possible in order to consult a doctor.
    9. The Guest uses his own transport and strictly follows the instructions obtained from speaking to emergency services on the following numbers: 999 or 112.


During this time we recommend the following:

– avoid direct contact with sick people

– remember about hygiene, cover your mouth and nose when coughing

– avoid touching your face without washing your hands first

– frequent hand washing

– using an antibacterial gel

– avoiding crowded spaces

            The quality of service and safety of our guests is our highest priority. We believe that the implemented measures minimise the risk of coronavirus infection. We welcome any suggestions you may have. Thank you for your trust, we wish you a safe stay in our Hotel

            The management of Holland House Residence.